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This page will direct you to more studies, information and research areas you can go to, that I’ve found interesting, from sci fi to tech startups, and more.

Abstracts will be put on this page as well.

How to videos, etc., will wind up here to.

From general to specific areas of study, research turning subject into information based.

” Straight on til morning ”


1. 1895 began the San Francisco Perpeutal Cup

2.second oldest matchmaking trophy in sailing, behind America Cup

3. Race in San Francisco

4. Cup held in trust

5. Cup race held in any kind of boat, as long as defender accepts ______

6. amateur race

7. Winner holds cup till next race…

8. 103 years of racing



1. Begin by guessing what your opponent has in their hand and how he/she plays

2. consider all your options, even if they seem crazy

3. use your read to calculate wins and losses for each available play

4. See the most direct play, play it

5. No matter your expertise, if you don’t follow through with your play

6. feallessly play, by knowing what will happen if you fail to follow your strategy


Poker 2

1. Two rules of thumb, when your out of position

1. if I think I have a 25% chance of winning a pot, do a low-risk bluff

2. can use a second player, who bluffs alot, can use to add to my bluff


American SoapBox Derby



ARP, Long Beach, CA Nationals Speedboat Club

American Powerboat Racing Association

1. 12 classes of competition

2. most boats 17′ to 20′ in length

3. Classes include, flat bottom, v-bottom, Tunnel, and jet boats

1. reach from mid 80s to 130 mph

4. most races 4 laps

5. most ten years of racing, but there are newbies

6. with speed and corners, 3 to 5 gs on corners

7. fans can gain entrance to the pits


1. Long Beach formal racing has signed a contract with the Grand Prix Assoc

2. Long Beach on April 14

3. nine race schedule

4. first race in Bejing, China

5. US is the only country with two races, other is in Miami

6. Long Beach and Monaco only ones to have street races

7. Free

8. all in one day; trials and racing

9. 1.6 mile course

10. only seven turns

11. E-Prix 10 teams, each team running two cars

12. each driver will drive two cars

13. change cars about twenty minutes into the race

14. then change again for the last few laps


1. Formula Drift Championships

2. Toyota Grand Prix

3. E-Prix has a deal with Fox Sports



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