Psychic Insights

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2o14  ( Zoua )


Psychic activity is real; Psychic reading do tell the future, the present and the past, Psychic telepathy is real; Spirituality holds Psychic Insights within itself.

Psychic Readings:

1. Tarot Cards- a deck of cards, regular playing cards, or special cards with artwork, to help you read for others, its usually not a wise idea to try to read for yourself, you’re to close to the subject.

2. Psychometry- this is where your reader or intuit holds something of yours, something which only you wear, etc., and runs their fingers over it, picking up the energy, and symbols, within the energy, and gives you a reading, from this form of feeling and intuition.

3. Psychometry Palmistry- here the reader runs his eyes over the lines in your hand, usually the one you use the most, then if more is needed they go to the other hand.

4. Moon Personology Chartmaking- a five minute way to do a chart, with many triggers, etc. to use, usually they’re for a certain question or area wanted explored.

5. You can use anything you can throw, outward, so they will make a pattern, for you, the client, stack this throw- to broadcast something you’re going through, no matter how slight you may think it to be.

2. Aura Readings:

1. The reader reads your aura, as if reading and seeing a picture book of symbols, which tell him what you’re broadcasting, expressing, right here and now.

2. A reading usually goes: 1. what is going on around you, 2. past lives, 3. future, 4. anything that didn’t show up in the present, medical, work, 5. present problems tied to past holdovers.

3. Bodymind Movement Readings:

1. Reading is based on how you move: walk, run, stretch, lift your legs, etc., whatever is necessary to get into the problem that’s showing up, and needs more movement about.

2. Sitting moving, allows the reader to tune further into something seen, or gives a way to new area of readings.

3. Naked Movements – reader watches the naked movements of the client, as well as, looking at the overall health of the bodymind, and what different areas of the bodymind hold up to the overall daily living.

All of the readings above use the aura as an intricate aspect of the readings.


1. Parapsychology:

1. Astrology   2. Ghosts 3. kirlian photography 4. past lives 5. telepathy 6. white magic 7. Lei Lines 8. UFOs 9. Angels 10. intuition 11. energy sources 12. negative energy 13. positive energy 14. colors 15. astral projection 16. clairvoyance 17.audiovoyance 18. readings 19. past-present-future 20. earth magic, 21. druids 22. wizards 23. charms, tailsmen, power objects 24. channeling 25. mediums 26. mentalists 27. herbs 28. auras 29. creatures 30. elementals, 31. faries 32. nymphs 33. Gods 34. monsters 35. energy creatures 36. automatic writing/drawing 37. healing 38. holistic 39. wraiths 40. wands 41. energy source 42. magic instrument, 43. Crafts 44. mystery energy 45. ceremonies 46. spells 47. Findhorn 48. prayer 49. affirmations 50. numerology 51. nakedness 52. controlling the weather 53. heart magic 54. teleportation 55. astral dreaming

This isn’t the whole field, but it gives you an idea of what you will find in psychic, paranormal realms.



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