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Dream Symbology: New Research Method

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Article Survey of Dream Symbology- Dream Symbology is a research method, divide into 10 aspects, each going from long distance to interactive symbolization, of people, pets, etc.. Each of these aspects use the Gestalt Therapy method of seeing everything seen in each aspect, as having meaning, for the one doing the research, and their team, etc.. Gestalt Therapy delves into dreams by listing every character in the dream, then, works  to see what the symbol stands for. This goes from the general to the specific; Fritz Perls, saw this method, seeing dream symbols, as either figure or background. The person running the role playing chooses the figures to work with, for they stand out, and are more important, than the rest of the symbols, at this here and now, experience. We expand on this research method, to see that anything can be role played with; the ones doing the role playing, are able to find out what the symbol within the actions, stand for. They run through the figures, then look at the background, to see if any new figures, rise out of the background dream characters. If they do, then the team or the person, role plays these figures. These secondary figures, are important, or they wouldn’t be figures, so work with each of them, and then go back to look at the background dream characters, and see if any new dream characters, stand out as figures, if not, then finish up the role playing, with background, and this ends this dream experience. When you work with real life situations, they are role playing experiences, not dream symbols, but we see the parties involved in the sequence we’re studying, as dream characters, within the interactive experience we’re studying.


Part 1- Dream Symbology

Dream Symbology is an expansion of Gestalt Therapy’s role playing, developed by Fritz Perls, to find out the meaning of dream characters, in the dreams, of those he’s counseling. He broke down the characters, into figure/background; figures are those characters which stand out to the dreamer, and background are all the rest.

We see an activity, of one or more people, as a dream experience, meaning, by coming together, and interacting, for a specific reason or time period, they create a dream sequence, which can be role played with.

In an interactive process of one or more people, each has a starting and an ending, for example, a party, and those attending the party go from group ( we shall call them networks ), to group, staying as long as the networks holds the network members interest and attention.

Any network, has more than one process going on: 1) the processes going on in the interaction of the sequence members, 2) small networks interactions, with each other, 3) movements, or stillness in the members of the adjunct network, with particular time units, before the network, breaks up and the members go on to other networks, 4) objects around them, where there standing, and if a possible member comes by, but goes on 5) outside figures not in the network, but looking at it, with whatever emotion going on, within the figure, or how he/she/it would make a member or members feel, as they’re within the network, 6) record what you see, and if possible take pictures, or video, so you can see what you need to work with ( role playing ) in the interactions of the network, 7) here and now interactions, don’t need to be role played with, for what you see is what you get, complete authenticity, 8) what is in competition with the network, but is part of the sequence, etc., 9) the product influences, within the interaction of the network, 10 ) how the colors of the network, and objects, etc., interact with each other, 11) choose the figure and background, start role playing, 12) each individual is a whole bodymind, meaning each of us, is a single organism, and everything we do, we do as a single organism, 13) movement is life, so the movement between dream characters, has meaning, too, trust your feelings, and role play with the movements of the dreamers and dream character, 14) in daily living we have sequences, and can take these sequences, and role play with them, by listing all the dream characters in the interactive sequencing, and then role playing with each one, ending with background,

Dream Symbology is used for dreams, fantasies, everyday reality sequencing, and role playing with events in history, written, reporting on a sequence, showing what’s coming up- they/we can role play with these dream elements, scheduled for the future; you can use your role playing in events in the past, present and future.

In any sequence, you have figure/background; this is why you want to list each element within the dream, or reality sequence, and then look at these characters, and see which stand out to you, and which are background;you want to do figures, role playing first.

In some cases, you would role play, not with the character, but with the movement, within the sequence, or the process, going on between characters. In some cases, there will be a hidden, or cause of the sequence; you can add this to your character list, when you discover it.

An example of this, is when you’re looking at, and listing characters, who belong to an organization, a church, a belief system, and so on. In each, you can add the reason behind the network sequencing, to your character list, and role play with it, as well.

What the characters do, is as important, as their mere presence, within the dream sequencing, you want to study, and find out more about- what they’re really doing.

You can take any sequence, and do this role playing; you can get sequences out of newspapers, TV, radio, news coverage, internet, and so on.

You can take the leadership or reason, for being of churches, or the person behind the philosophy, they created, within their own, search for truth, love and peace. Obviously, we’re talking about Jesus, and the Disciples, Father Joseph and the Virgin Mary, as well as, Buddha, who founded the way of buddhism, role playing should interest any president or leader, any organization, any sport, those who play the games, and so on.

Movement is life ( Native Americans ); life is movement, so in any dream sequence, see the movements within it, as important as the dream character you’re looking at. You can do the same with Eastern and Western Masters; or what happens, within the lives of your friends, enemies, and strangers.

What if there is so much action, or stuff going on, you can’t record it all, so you can’t get a full list of the characters, movements, and the reason for the network. This is where background, can really come in handy, for you do a background, on the dream sequence; this takes care of anything you might have missed, and if something that needs more searching, comes up in the background role playing, this becomes a new figure, and you can role play with it. You continue this, until you work with the total background, left from the dream sequence, and you feel you have gotten all that you can out of the sequence, go on to a new figure.

Fritz Perls, in his dream groups, had what he called the hot seat, any member of the dream group, could sit there, and work with him, to discover what it meant to the member. Perls felt everything in a dream says something about the dreamer.

In this light, you as the role player, become a hidden aspect/movement, within the sequences you use as dreams, to role play with. This may be totally involved, or barely involved, either way, you role play with yourself, and find out what you have to do with this sequence, and how it’s helping or hindering you, by choosing this particular sequence.

You’re the dream master; you can choose what you want to work with, but to get a very good action, within the sequence, it’s best you see yourself as the maker of the figure/background, which stand out or don’t stand out.

There can be several layers of figures, as you go, through each level of figures, and finally ending up- role playing with background.

You decide, when you have done enough with the dream sequence you wanted to study, and find out more about, ergo, if you feel you’ve gotten as much as you can out of the dream sequence, before you have gone through all the figures and background, then stop. However, be sure you’re not stopping because of fear, of what you’re finding out, for in any experience, dealing with the elements, can bring strong responses, within you. Be aware of this, and if you feel you’re backing away, do so, but with the knowledge, that something is making you want to stop. Later, if you want you can role play, with this feeling, and see where it takes you.

Any time you work with a dream sequence, there is the possibility of you being drawn into reacting to something that comes out of the role playing. You’re the dream master, so you can choose to stop or go on, courage is knowing, when to go forward, and when to retreat strategically, fighting or ending the interaction with the sequence. If you still feel a connection, with the dream sequence you were looking at, wash your hands and wrists, in cold water. This will shock your bio-system, into letting go, ending the contact with the sequence.

Before you go into a dream sequence, surround yourself in white light, for protection, and helping you work through the sequence, to find out the story behind it, or within it, and what this truth, did to others, who read it, was in it, or heard about it.

In a reality, dream sequence, you could find truth, by this I mean, that certain parties, live in the here and now, not the there and then. This means truth, movements flow around them, and not through them; they walk and create in the here and now; they don’t have to be something they’re not, so they are who you see. A changer in the dream sequence, which the dream elements have to come to grips with, because, they’re truth, and the elements, cannot hide in their there and then, but are forced to deal with the here and now; some do, many don’t, they run away, from this being open, honest, and willing to work through any thing in this here and now environment, which is interacting with them.

Dream Symbology is within the philosophy of Self-Genesis, which means it is microcosmic oriented, for the individual, is the reason, and the experience, of what ever- they do. Action, movement, etc., comes from within the individual, outward, not from outward, to make the person, etc., have to be what they’re not.

Self-Genesis is where you created yourself, when you were ready to limit yourself, by coming into realities, created by another, and you step in, living and playing, within the limitations or the excesses of the dream realities, created for the pleasure of the beings, who want to feel and touch, as well, as having mental touching and awareness.

Part 2 ( role playing, itself )

Before we look at the method itself, let’s see the history, which helped to formulate, this new research method:

1. Wilhelm Reich- Bodymind therapist, who studied under Freud, came up with the insight of character, in his psychological methodology; left this method, when he discovered, orgone energy, life energy, which flows in all of us. He, then discovered cosmic orgone life energy, which everything is made of.

B. Scientists have found that human bodyminds are made up of  some star matter, thus we have a universe origin, within our life energy, with the knowledge, we’re cosmic in nature and action.

2. Alexander Lowen, studied with Freud, as well, but eventually, like Reich, broke away and found the way of physical non-verbal communication, and in looking, at the bodymind; the person’s bodymind shows what’s going on within them, and how they’re interacting with their environments. An example, of this, is when the shoulders are hunched upward, showing tension, and mixed emotions, but not being able to work through what this symbolizes, Lowen founded Bioenergetics, which works at manipulating the symbolic showing of the person, within his/her bodymind. He later came up with exercises, to free the bodymind, in its posturing, movement, etc..

3. Mose Feldenkrais- sees movement, as the way to work with the person, by having them work at movement, and what this means, about where they’re at psychologically. He developed exercises to free the movement held back, and to allow it to go free.

4. Ken Dychtwald- is the first to show how the chakras, were responsible, for how the person was, and as other bodymind therapists, can tell everything about a person history, by looking at their bodies, and watching them move. Chakras that are out of balance, cause definite responses, in the bodymind, so by working with the 7 chakras, and bodymind, you can work the spirit, as well as, the mundane physical/mental. How the chakras are, so is the bodymind, and vice versa, healing begins in the spiritual and the bodymind follows.

5. Alexander Technique- Alexander was an actor, who lost his speaking voice, and decided to find out what he was doing wrong, and then find a way to correct the negative effect on his throat. He got a triple mirror, mirrors tied together, so he could see exactly what he did, that was causing his problem. By doing this he found what was causing his problem, he lowered his chin, thus cutting off air, and the ability to speak. He saw the problem, and came up with the answer for it. He saw that if he lifted his head, instead of lowering it, up and forward, without stress, this helped in his bringing back his voice, but also in moving better, and making his acting, more exciting.

6. Body works- the therapies covered in this- are art therapy, dance therapy, body exercises, poetry exercises, and stretches, as well as Hatha Yoga,  that’s an exercise of the body, which uses symbolic formations to name the different exercises they use, from beginner to practitioner.

7. Non-verbal communications- body language, reading a bodymind; bodymind  broken down into splits, showing the unhealthy aspects of the person; in business to know what the person you are talking to and selling, you can read where their at, which will help to make the sale. Reich says the mouth lies, but the eyes never do.

8. Naked bodymind look- here the leader, looks at the person without clothes, and reads them, and then has the person walk, so he/she/they can get even deeper into what’s going on with them. This  is an immediate here and now experience.

9. Gestalt Therapy, Rogerian Therapy, and all other therapies, want their clients, to live in the here and now, in the present, so they don’t disassociate, and go into the there and then, which is mind blocking, so they can deal with their life, as they see it, from the safety of there and then.

10. Carl Rodgers- is very here and now, and supportive of his clients, and if the therapist can’t have unconditional love, for the client, then they need to give the client to another therapist, who can.

11.  Self-Genesis Counseling, where the individual is the focus of the counseling, and the goal of the counseling, to free up the bodymind from body armor ( Reich ), and not having contact with their bodyminds. This counseling method, which is my own counseling method, uses body movement, non-movement, symbolic expressing what they’re feeling, giving them feedback, that they’re self-created, and because of this, they’re the highest source, they have to go to, for anyone else will come from their perspective, and not necessarily, what’s right, for the person being counseled. The individual is the highest source of healing the person can seek, to have healing from; we, also, say- we work from a holistic point of action, but where we differ from the therapies before us, in that, our holistic way of living, is there’s no question, of what’s first, because all experience is done at the same time, thus holistic means whole movement of the total being of the person. Self-Genesis is microcosmic oriented.

12. Jean Paul Sartre- is the founder of Existential therapy and philosophy which sees existence before essence, ergo, individuals become aware of themselves, thus see themselves as independent, and self-deciding; if they wish to look at essence, this is an individual choice, and a here and now decision, meaning they either take responsibility, for themselves, or disassociate from being self-responsible, and choose to believe essence, is the answer. They don’t have to be self-responsible, but outer believing, in the essence, which they see as more than themselves. They can follow essence and divorce themselves from self-responsibility.

You are ultimately responsible for you, thus you act with: self-responsibility, authenticity, self-respect, here and now action, sharing, caring, by choice, and not be someone telling you this is the way, for you to be.

Part 3- The background history leading to Dream Symbology

To understand this method, we’re going to look at: dreams, movements, symbols, actions, and more.

Our first stop is dreams, dreams are communication from your unconscious or your subconscious, which holds the beliefs, learned behavior, etc., you utilize, to live your life in the Outside ( everything outside of you ), and experiences, which hold meaning to you, and is character armor, so you have to break it down, to transform it. The subconscious is the place you store, all these beliefs about you and how you live.

The unconscious is where answers, no questions lie; its here and now oriented, even though, one of its submenus, is memory, memory becomes here and now, when you look at it from the here and now you. The second submenu is the aura, which holds everything about you, from past lives, to current information being formatted for storage, here and now, thus these experiences, when looked at, go from being past awareness, to here and now awareness. This new awareness is the originaler of your realization, your memories are not gone, you can look at them, and work with them, if you want to.

Memories cannot harm you, they’re imprints of experience, and action, that you took, and how you fared, in doing so. However, isn’t being done now, so you’re looking at the stored information, from a here and now perspective, and this information, isn’t the past action/experience itself, but your memory of it.

In other words, you aren’t looking at the actual event, but your memory of it, and as experience goes on, your memory can become clouded, so when working with memory, its personal memory, meaning it isn’t the experience/action itself, but how you described it and created it, within your memory, as a memor. Memors are your memory of what happened, and what’s now holding that memory to be a figures/ and the rest of memory, as a background, is how you saw, this experience/action, and recorded it, through the filter of how you felt. When the memory is imprinted as a Memor, covering what you feel about the experience, covering the actual imprinting of the experience/action, and not as a non-filtered experience/action, movie in your head.

These memors turn up in the bodymind, as muscular armor, which is chronic, holding in, holding back, holding down; a bodymind therapist, or a person who is attuned to the total vibration of the person, can tell what this armor is, and then help the person let go of it. This letting go is combination of inner sight and bodymind work. Both are needed to release the armor, and make the bodymind flexible, once again. Where you start is up to you, but work both with your feelings, and with the bodymind, which is holding your feelings, your truth of the matter, in check, chronically, enabling you to survive, your experiences/actions. It’s a way you can feel good, by making the experience into a block, and at the same time, have sadness, you’re blocking this experience, rather than working through it, on a two prong shift, from not wanting to deal with it, to dealing with it- at your own pace.

As you progress, not only awareness of what you’re working on, will come to fore, but the emotional structure you felt, which caused you to repress it in the first place. To work through all of this chronic repressions, you need to work through the brain, and at the same time, work on the chronic armor within the bodymind, which can produce feelings/experiences from the seven charakas. This means you’re working in three ways, now, chronic repressions, bodywork to release the frozen armor, within the bodymind, and when doing this on both levels, you work with your spirit as well.

To help you with this bodywork, free movement, flexible movement, stretching, balancing, with whatever you feel works for you, like: dance, free expression movement, stretches that makes the armor start to loosen, and styles, of movement, which is done, to free your bodymind, by putting it into balance, with grounding, to the earth and to the sky, or any other things you see as healthy, and a benefit of yours, for working on yourself.

Now, we turn to how we exist in the Outside, and how you can read your own movements, actions, and anyone or anything else, caught up in the scenario sequence. Outside is lived, by interactions, and these interactions are broken down into symbols, dream symbols, for you’re working, at that, which you see as good for you, and to find this truth, you need to be able to work with it. This brings us to dream symbology, for scenario sequences, are like a dream, which you are living, to show you something, within you, going on, that may need to be looked at.

Every interaction has a beginning, present and end; so you write a list of the dream characters, down, any objects, in the interaction, any cross sequencing, where one group or group member, tries or has a leg in each of the sequences, which means you can work with both sequences in dream symbology role playing. This is a mental activity, but you can, and need to, bring the bodymind into this, and work with your bodymind, to free up this chronic life enegy, you are holding in, holding back, or holding down, with movement, stretches and doing antimovements, to the moves you are holding in. remember you have chronic holding in, etc., in your consciousness, and at the same time, its reflection in your bodymind, thus you are a single orgasm, which places experience/actions, in the proper placement in the bodymind, which deals with the chronic subject you want to work on.

The bodymind, regulates experience to the aspect of the bodymind, that handles those experiences, and chronic muscular armor. An example of this, when you press down on the torso area, just under the shoulders, in the front of your bodymind, this is where anger is stored, and this is where you bank all this energy, till its full, and you have to react, usually this can be over a small thing, but you fly off the handle, as if it matters a great deal to you.

The whole bodymind is a storage unit, made up of an spectral symbolization, and thus, when the chronic holding in, etc., creates a movement, which doesn’t touch any of the armored aspects, means you’re not living life to the fullest, but are living your life, to the method, of not touching these bodymind areas, which you don’t want to deal with. Your movements are symbols, just like they are within the physical body, ergo, you’re now building a breakdown aspect sheet of paper, to outline the holding in, etc.; you don’t want to touch these sensitive areas, which now become a symbol of fear, and a fear, if you touch it with your mind, you will get lost in the aspect, which you think is stronger than you.

You’re, now living, in black holes life- meaning, you see each chronic muscular armor, symbol, as a muscle armor, which if you get too close, will suck you down into it, to be lost forever, in its strength, and ability to hold its form. Your consciousness reflects your fear, and causes you to act out symbolically the fear that is dominating your life. remember you are a single organism, and even if you build muscular armor within you, you’re doing it as a whole. You do this subconsciously, and see yourself as parts, rather than a whole, single acting organism, but rather a construct, which debilitates you even further, for all these parts, seem to be, too, overwhelming, to even begin. Soon your armor starts mandating what you will do and what you will not. You give up your wholeness, to this mental anguish, of seeing yourself as parts, rather than a single organism.

Holistic living is awareness, consciousness, that your are a single whole, and as such, you have no parts, but simply aspects which float on top of your consciousness, in attempt, to gain control of your mind, through the strength of its ability to make you feel fear of i., Thereby you give control to this fear, and become a mockery of a free and happy person; you become a symbol or symbols, that aren’t symbolizing you within yourself, but you- as a floater, on top on your microcosmic, individual, holistic consciousness.

No matter how much you disassociate with yourself, you’re the one giving all the fears their construct powers, and if you give it, you can take it back. This is the secret of therapy and counseling, giving you your own power back, to allow you to be a single organism again.

In hypnosis, David Snyder concurs, wellness, must come from- mental listening and seeing, but at the same time, there must be a physical action with it, to make it more immediate and more truthful, for you’re shaking up the illness, fear, etc., and making it better. It may take a few rounds of this, but it’s usual, for whatever is bothering the person, to be gone, by physical movement, ergo, using arms and hands in circles as fast as they can do it, and this free energy is pushed back into the area, where the client brought it from, in a single instance, or not beyond three times, though, if it has to do more, then you will continue to grab this negative energy, and throw it back into the area you brought it from, within your bodymind.

He has another way, which still grabs whatever is bothering you, then see a round fire pit, with hot and mystical flames, coming out of it; you take what you grab, and throw it, by saying whoosh, and the flames transform it to healthy energy. This leaves an open space within you, so fill it up, with crystal white light.

This technique uses brain actions, in this case a word, with a physical action of throwing the negative energy into the fire pit, then filling the empty space, where this energy had been, with crystal white light, thus using mental, body and spiritual awareness to heal yourself, in a holistic way.

Part 4 ( the method itself )

The research method of Dream Symbology has ten circles, or curvilinear lines, which shows one of the basic tenets of life- rounds. Rounds with no angles or sharp broken pieces, is the glory of the person, who realizes this; it is the mystical, the physical and mental circles, etc.. Utilizing rounds, means you are in harmony with the Universe, and everything within it. It, also, means what/however way you move, you’re in harmony, with all around you, and what’s around you sees/feels you as a singular whole/full, who is love personified, for rounds work best, when love is shown, and what needs to be done, is done in the spirit of love. Spiritual love is flowing in rounds, unobstructed, and thus pure movement, and pure action.

Dream Symbology has ten circles, going from the specific to distance points, which relate to what you’re researching.

The ten circles: 1. Long Distance rounds, involved with the subject of your research, 2. location within the planet, ergo, country, state, county, and local city or village, 3. Local neighborhood, where subject, can be found, 4. The neighborhood block where subject is to be found, 5. close, local surroundings around subject, 6. External environments around subject, 7. External facades where subject is found, 8.Internal seen/unseen push on subject, 9. objects surrounding subject, 10. People, positioning, interaction, symbols, fashions, and so on.

Each of these circles have figures, rising out from the background; you list all that pertain to your subject, then look for the figures that stand out, role play with them, as an Interactor, with all the descriptions, in interaction with the subject, who is aware of your research, or is taken from places, where you do the ten circles, without knowing the subject, other than what you get from the place you have found an interesting subject, and you want to know more about it.

You can now see, that you can do this for any subject, to find out more about it, the truth of it, through symbolization of any action, you’re looking at, etc.. You view the subject and their environments, using role playing, to find out more about what you’re researching. Subjects, can come from people, environments you know, or don’t know them, at all, but have heard about the situation they find themselves in.

You can do this, because each of us, has connection with the Universe, and everything in it, so when you do Dream Symbology, you’re connecting the incident, to be worked with by your intuition, your feelings about what is happening within the incident, and how it effects the subject, and those around them.

This is not the collective unconsciousness of Karl Jung, or the archtypes, he says are found there, and who gives insight to what’s going on in the action, or interaction of the person, wanting to know more about themselves, and others.The first circle, also holds the subject, and you work with the name of the person, and see the person facing you in a chair, which number one- is you, and the other is, for the dream character, you’re working with.

Make a list of dream elements in each circle, then work through, the figures, in each circle, ending with role playing with the background found in each circle. When you have done this, you go onto the next circle, below the one you just finished, till you have worked all of them, including role playing, with the main characters, of the dream reality action/interactions.

Everyday living, is made up of social/unsocial sequences, which like dreams, have a beginning, a middle and an end. You can work with the elements you see and after listing them, you work with the figures that stand out.

There is an interaction, where no dream movement is going on, and that is when the person or persons, speak and live/act in truth. It is what it is; you learn from watching this interaction within its purity. Here you don’t act, but listen, by seeing/hearing/the movements of truth, and the sequence, showing, this truth, in all of its glory.

Reality sequences, are just like dream sequences, in that, the characters are standing for something which draws you to look at the sequence, thus just like dreams, this is your unconsciousness/subconsciousness, talking to you, but instead of sleeping or doing so under hypnosis, you’re awake, trusting your feelings, to bring you to the daily sequences, which have meaning for you, and is the truth, for you see, outside of yourself, then when you understand what it’s telling you, you make it part of your movement of life and action.

Part 5 ( An example )

This example, won’t list all the players, but only those we want to see how, why, what, when, of dream characters of renown, within the sequences of the crucifixion, so here is the list of characters, we’re going to look at:

1. Jesus

2. Mary his mother

3. Mary Magdalene

4. Judas

5. Harrod

6. Pilate

7. Pilate’s wife

8. Paul

9 .3 angels at the tomb

10. John the Baptist


1. 11 disciples

2. his followers

3. Roman occupation

4. Prophecy

5. The church of the Jews

6. Jesus Healing

7. Father Joesph

Role Playing Works

We shall first start with his mother Mary; now seen as the Virgin Mary. To set up the scene, so we can work, we must first set up two chairs, one standing for us, and the other, for the dream character, we’re going to be working with.

Chair 1: What do you have to say to me?

Mary: This is blasphemy, to use us, to be an example of your new research method.

Chair 1: You feel that to look into an experience, which has lasted over 2,000 years, isn’t a subject of research to find out what we can, about the process of Jesus, coming to be known as the Son of God!

Mary: That’s what the Bible’s for!

Chair 1: The question, then becomes, which Bible are you talking about. This is why we want to look at the whole process of Jesus coming and his resurrection  If he can’t be held up for research, then we would have to ask why?

Mary: Because of Immaculate Conception; I did not lie with any man, and yet, I became pregnant, doing the calling of God! I am greatly honored to be chosen to be the mother of Jesus, who is the Son of God!

Chair 1: How did that feel, being so chosen, and having to go through a pregnancy, for nine months, with a baby, who has no father, but is conceived by the Voice of God!

Mary: As I just said- proud to have been chosen by God, to bear his only son. I knew from the moment I became pregnant, that it wasn’t going to be easy, and it wasn’t, I married Joseph, and he gave me a name, and honor  in the Jewish society. It was hard on him, till the Angel, who spoke to me, spoke to him and verified I was carrying the Son of God. He used his faith, to overcome, what he was feeling, and became an attentive, and wonderful husband. As I am now called the Virgin Mary; Joseph needs to be called Father Joseph, for he played an intricate role in the pregnancy, and later, on the birth of Jesus.

Chair 1: You feel that having Joseph, made your pregnancy, and how people looked at you, bearable, then with honor as being Joseph’s wife.

Mary: The honor did not come from us, but from God, who chose me, and Joseph to bring his Son into the world, and allowed us to be his parents. We honored God, for he gave us the Blessing of being able to have, and then to parent Jesus, through his upbringing. It was no easy task, for Jesus knew from the start, what he was/is, and he went around the temples, etc., having religious conversations, and he questioned some of the practices or laws, with different rabbis, and heads of the church.

Joseph taught Jesus the carpenter trade, so he would have a trade, and be respected, as such, within the community. This in no way was a statement about if Jesus was the Son of God or not; it was to show Jesus had skills, which would find favor, in our, cultural society.

Chair 1: You feel, by teaching Jesus a trade, it made him into more of a person, your culture and society would accept. In that each person has to show his use to the society, and to not be a burden on it, by not having a trade.

Mary: Yes, but we knew it was only a way to help Jesus fit in, so no one would accuse him of heresy, which was farther from the Truth, than any one in our society, could grasp.

Chair 1: You feel Joseph and yourself, did just what God wanted of you, by raising the child, within a society, who was under Roman Rule, thus Jerusalem, had to be aware of Rome’s authority over them, which I would imagine, did not fit well, with the citizens of Israel.

Mary: No, it didn’t, but we didn’t have a leader, to help us drive the Romans out of our country, and our towns. Jesus was/is the dove of peace, and did not teach against Rome, but looked to build an awareness of the greatness of God, by his preaching, healing and lifestyle, that took on what today, would be a communal nature.

Followers of Jesus, followed him around, and shared in the place of rest, and in the living together, as a commune. These followers grew in number, till some were afraid, Pilate and Rome, would feel their control threatened, and would wreck havoc on the towns.

I, of course, was concerned about him, but he told me, that all that lives, is his children, and not to worry about him. Of course, I worried even more, but I accepted, his drive to bring more into the world of God.

Chair: so you feel, that it was your role, to be there for him if he needed it, and to love him, always as his mother, and Joseph his father. would do the same.

Mary: When he started preaching, and becoming the Son of God, to all who met him, he told his followers that his father, mother were God, and the Holy Spirit. To meet Jesus was to feel the glory that was/is him, and that his words were the truth, which many cannot abide.

Chair 1: Do you feel, he left you out in the cold, when he said his father/mother, were God, and the Holy Spirit?

Mary: No, I and Joseph knew Jesus had a Destiny, beyond that of mortals, and we were happy just to know we raised him, with the help of God and the Holy Spirit. What magnificence for Jesus, a human mother and father, and the Realization, he was/is also the Son of God, on Earth.

Chair 1: How does it feel for you and Joseph, to be known as the Virgin Mary, for yourself, and a Saint made of Joseph?

Mary: Very Proud. That’s all for now, talk to someone else.

Chair 1: Thank you for your time and energy looking into the life of Jesus.

John the Baptist

Chair 1: John the Baptist, how do you feel, about your role in Jesus ministry?

John: Honored, and know that I would be known as the man who baptized Jesus, and who carried the word of God, to those who listened, and I was filled with Joy, when Jesus did come to me, for his baptism.

Chair 1: You feel your role in the life and baptizing of Jesus, was worth all that it cost you, with Harrod, and the women who would eventually kill you.

John: All that matters is the Word of God, the Action of God, and the Glory of God! I knew I would go to the world of heaven, for my role in the prophecy of Jesus, who indeed is/was the Son of God, in all of his Glory. He is/was God upon the Earth, making him one of the Trilogy of Spirit: God, Holy Spirit and Jesus.

What a combination, I was proud to teach his word, to those who wanted to be fulfilled, by trusting in God and the Holy Spirit, never seeing me as more than I was. I was the speaker for Jesus, till it was right for him, to come and honor me with his Presence, and that he wanted me to baptise him.

I have said enough, I bask in the glory of God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, the triple wonder of Christians all over the world.

Chair 1 to Harrod: What do you have to say to me?

Harrod: Nothing, I was made a villain in this process or story of Jesus. I was king, and I acted as a king should act, protecting my throne, and working with the Romans, to not make a bloodbath of my kingdom.

That’s all I have to say of the matter.

Chair 1 to Judas: What do you have to say to me?

Judas: I am part of the Prophecy of Jesus, even if I was thrown into the realm of the big bad wolf. I was predestined to play my role in the crucifixion, so Jesus would be seen as the Son of God. I have been vilified for centuries, as the turncoat, who sold Jesus out, but it was preordained that I do so, so I am in effect, within the Glory of God, as one who did what needed to be done, to set up Jesus, to become the martyr he became.

Chair 1: You feel you’re being vilified, because people see you as a traitor, rather than one of the elements, needed to, sit up the page of life, of Jesus, so he could absolve all the sins of mankind.

Judas: Including me, I hung myself, before I saw the full report of the Prophecy, I only saw I was a stooge, of God’s, but in reality I was an actor within the Prophecy. Jesus cleansed me of my sins, as well, thus I am one of God’s children, for my sins have been cleansed, and I live in the Glory of God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, who is my savior.

Chair 1: You feel, you played a part in the destruction of Jesus, or the Prophecy of Jesus, because you were an instrument of God, to play the villain, in this scenario, and what people forget, Jesus died for their sins, cleansing them all, thus you were cleansed of the sins you made on your own, and the sins of being the betrayer of Jesus. You are one of God’s children, the moment Jesus died, you were cleansed, and welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven!

Judas: Yes, I do God’s work, today, and in the past, I am a child of God, and of Jesus, they make me complete, and I do what is asked of me by God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus.

That’s all I want to say!

Chair 1 to Mary Magdalene: What do you have to say to me?

Mary M.: I, too, was cleansed of all my sins, by Jesus, when he was alive, and after he was carried up into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Chair 1: You feel blessed twice, for Jesus cleansed you of your sins, when he was alive, then you were cleansed again when he died. Do you feel this is why the three angels came to you, to tell you he has arisen?

Mary M.: I honestly don’t know, but I was chosen to be within the Prophecy of the Coming of The Messiah, and Jesus is/was the one and only Messiah. I worship him as my savior, and I preach his Glory, to any who will listen to me.

Chair 1: You feel you were liberated and cleansed of all your sins, by Jesus, and you became a voice proclaiming Jesus is the Son of God?

Mary M.: Exactly! It took over 2,000 years, for me to cleanse my self, and allow the Word of God to fill me up, with understanding, wisdom, and to be a Light of Christians, when the First Family accepted me as a sister of Jesus. I feel I have atoned for my sins, and I’m, now, a clear light, for any who want to know the Light of Jesus, I am a perfect beacon, for them to see, and test out, to see, what I truly say, is in fact, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus

I loved him as a man; I have adoration for him as the true Son of God, he is my savior, and I have the honor of being one of the Lights of the Holy Trinity. I have accepted Joseph and Mary, as my guides/my equality with them, and with the true absolution of my spirit, a true sister of Jesus, and I have been given status of a Holy Splendor, which I feel is beyond me, but I trust in God, and I am what God wants me to be.

My spirit name, in the name of God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus is Ashley, and my day of accordance, to those who want absolution, is Ash Wednesday! Or any day, they’re ready to receive Absolution, and gain- cleansing and forgiveness of their sins.

Each of us can see the True Light of God, by letting God guide you in all areas of your life, and trusting God to do only what is best for you!

Chair 1: You feel blessed, by your finding of the joy of God, in your life, and you’ve worked over 2,000 years, to become blessed enough to feel you are an aspect of God, within the Holy Family!

Mary M.: Yes I am truly blessed, and that’s all I have to say, for now.

Chair 1 to Pilate’s wife: What do you have to say to me?

Pilate’s wife: I have gifts, which allow me to see things, and one of the things I saw, was for my husband, Pilate, not to take on the judging of Jesus. He sent him to Harrod’s court, for this was not a Roman problem, but a Jewish one.

We all know that Harrod ducked his responsibility, and sent him back to my husband, to deal with! I repeated my warning of not being the judge of Jesus. He chose to allow the Jews; to choose the fate of Jesus, and they were after blood. My husband, gave them a choice of three men, and gave them the right to choose one, and that man would go free, so all they had to do was to say Jesus name, and he would go free, but they chose one of the others, and put Jesus and the other man on the cross.

I knew, when he died, for the world, grew angry, and shook the skies and the earth, and I could feel the anger of the planet, in having Jesus put to death. At that moment, I, also, felt the cleansing of all, by Jesus death, for he was Loving, and did Service, to all, even those who believed differently from him. All were cleansed, including Judas and my husband.

That’s all I have to say.

Chair 1 to Pilate: What do you have to say to me?

Pilate: I was forced into judging Jesus, and I did the best I could to save him, but the Jews, were dead set against it, even to the point of letting a criminal go free. I could not turn the prophecy, and so I was the one, who had to judge Jesus, and sentence him to death, on the cross.

However, at Jesus death, and how the earth and the sky shook, I felt a weight lift from me; I was cleansed of all my sins, in the blood of Jesus. My wife knew what had happened, for it had happened to her to.

We are blessed.

Chair 1 to the 3 angels: What do you have to say to me?

Angel # 1: I will speak for us, and if they want to jump in they can. Is this satisfactory for you?

Chair 1: Yes, so I ask you what do want to say to me?

Angel 1: Jesus arose from the dead, and because he wanted Mary M. to know, told by someone she would trust, we were given the honor of being there to tell her he had arisen, and for her to go tell  his disciples. He then spoke with her, and repeated the words- she was to go tell the disciples he had arisen.

That was all we had to do with Jesus!

Chair 1: Are you angels?

Angels: We are called many things, by many peoples, and we answer to each name, so yes, we are Angels. That’s all for now!

Chair 1 to Paul: What do you have to say to me?

Paul: I did not believe in Jesus, at first; I was a horrible person, going around killing people, until

I was riding down road, and Jesus appeared in front of me, and asked me what I was persecuting

his people? I wisely, kept quiet.

I listened to Jesus, as the rest of the disciples did, when Mary M. went and told them he had

arisen; and they would not believe her, until Jesus showed up, and allowed them to touch his

wounds, and to see he was solid. He told them to go and teach in my name, and that included

Mary Magdalene., who brought together other women, who knew Jesus was the Son of God, and

they started their ministry, teaching about Jesus, and how he was the Son of God. The disciples

did the same.

Peter became the first Pope, of the Catholic Church, and he was a great leader and wise man, who

worshiped Jesus as the Son of God, and practice/taught peace, love and gentleness, of peace.


I brought in fruitation, the glory of Heaven, upon the Earth, by building a church, devoted to

Jesus, the Son of God, God, and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, for all to follow and adore, by

showing him their prayers, and their solid belief  of Jesus, being the Light of God.

I did so to bring structure into Jesus church, though, other disciples, went around, preaching

in the open air, not concerned about building a church, for this church already existed, in the

Kingdom of Heaven.

I, on the other hand, wanted to create a living, Kingdom of Heaven, on Earth, and the best way I

knew, was to build a church, that resonated, with his spirit and love.

I, did go overboard, for I love putting pieces of reality together to make something, which will be

real, in the real world. A church, with my thoughts, was the perfect vehicle, and I felt comfortable

and good about the way I set up the church in the name of the Holy Trinity.

Rule and Regs are good, for it shows the followers of Jesus, what they have to do  to

be within the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, so they will be ready to do their duty and enjoy the

true Kingdom of Heaven, where the Holy Trinity resides, along with the Virgin Mary, Father

Joseph, Jesus, God the Holy Spirit, and those who enter Heavens Gate, shall be blessed, forever.

Jesus is my savior, and he has cleansed me of sin, when he died upon the cross.

Chair 1 to background: Well, what do you have to say to me, background?

Background: Jesus is mystical, as well as, a true human of the planet earth, he did so, for those

who follow him, will know that he died for their sins, and to know they can be cleansed of their

sins, by simply asking for it to be done.

Jesus was human, and he wasn’t: he was beyond humanity, and not beyond humanity, so when

he died on the cross, people would know, that this- a direct action, of the Holy Trinity, to bless

them, so as not to have to live with sin, guilt, etc.. Jesus, as a human, gave to those living in this

time, and all the times before this- the true knowledge, that Jesus was one of them, and yet

beyond them as well, and he blessed them by dying on the cross, and cleansing them of their sins.

Only a Messiah could do this: Jesus was/is the Messiah, to all those who follow him and the Holy

Trinity, for they knew Heaven of Earth, in Jesus, the true son of God!

That is all we have to say, at this time.

Chair 1 to Jesus- What do you have to say to me?

Jesus: Why are you doing this? Are you trying to find out the truth, to see if I’m what I say I am?

Chair 1: That and more. You feel as if we are trying  to wreck your image, that has built over the

last 2,000  years.

Jesus: First, let me tell you, your experiences with Christian churches are true, and you have

done me and my followers a great service, many times. You are a free agent, and though, you

don’t believe in God, or that I’m God, as part of the Holy Trinity, I shall have this interesting,

process to go on.

The Bible tells of my adventures, my spiritual journey, in the time of great deal of grief, for Jews,

as the Roman had conquered and took over the control of the country or city, and there was a

great dissension, of what to do, many wanted to fight, Judas being one, he saw things only in how

he and others could take back our country/city.

I was not there to become the King of the Jews; I was there to bring peace and salvation, for

those, who wanted to enter the Kingdom of God, my father in Heaven.

I am symbolized by the white dove of peace, in your time, and in the many churches, which have

come into being, by finding something within the bible, which they thought was more important,

than other churches, thus they went on to build up their churches. This, and how to separate,

themselves, from other churches; of course,  this is in your time, not in the time of Roman


I was there to be an inspiration, to the Glory of God, and to show my followers, how to enter the

Kingdom of God, and live in a blessings of the Father, on his children, ergo, the citizens of

Jerusalem, living the spiritual life in the mundane reality of man, thinking, he was the power in

the Universe.

I taught peace, love and sharing with others; and at the same time, I did healings, and showed

other psychic talents, abilities and skills, but those were my Father’s, not mine, for I am the Son

of God, and as the son shall love the Father, I gave myself to the Glory of my Father, and in doing

so, whatever I did, was because of my openness, to my Father.

Judas had his role to play in the betrayal of myself, but really of not seeing and knowing my

Father, but he was an agent of the Father, who volunteered to do this, to see that the prophecy

was fulfilled, and in this light, he also knew all of his sins would be forgiven, and he would dwell in

the Kingdom of Heaven, the land of my Father.

Mary Magdalene was so much more than she knew; she was a prostitute, again as an agent of my

Father, and her sins were washed away, at the time of my death, to wash away all the sins of

man, so they could choose to dwell, within the Kingdom of God.

Living the life, of a chosen one, meant you lived your life, within your house, and city, in the Glory

of God; you kept your faith above all else. No matter if all  seemed loss, you had to keep your

faith, and my Father would shine down upon you, as a chosen one, who shall live in the Kingdom

of Heaven.

Many different bibles, are around, but remember, if you keep the ten commandments, and live a

life of peace, joy and love; you shall dwell within my Father’s Kingdom, as one of his chosen ones.

I knew what lay ahead for me, and though, I got frightened, at what was being asked of me, I

came to the realization, I had not chosen this for me, but my Father had, as a gift of his Son to

purify those on earth worthy of being saved, and their sins forgiven.

My disciples were men, as future home of the Holy Spirit, and God forgave them, their lack of

faith, and their observation of physical/mental mundane living, but they tried, rather, than did

their spiritual journey, within the success of my Father.

All that happened, when I was arrested, was in my Father’s plan, and even I, got caught up in the

physical/mental emotions of having a body, which was going through pain, and I felt this pain,

because I forgot my Father, then recovered, my inner sight, of his Glory, and the active Glory of

the Holy Spirit.

I died on the cross, to see that my Father’s plan was achieved, and I would join him in the

Kingdom of Heaven, yet I had to go see my disciples, to show them I had arisen. Mary Magdalene

was given this news, by angels, messengers of my Father, and she ran and told my disciples, of

my resurrection, but they did not believe her, and she had a hard time believing, it to, till she

touched my physically, and saw the wounds still upon my body, then she ran to tell the others.

They refused to listen to her, because of male chauvinism, and how the Jews looked upon women,

when my followers, and I, were on the road, we lived communally, and it was here, that the

others got jealous of Mary Magdalene , because she was a woman, and could not find favor of

myself and my Father. In truth, she pleased us very much, and we were with her and her

ministers, other women, as they went around, and taught the wisdom of my Father, and their

personal savior, myself.

Mary Magdalene, can be considered the 13th disciple, and she did her work, as the others did,

preaching the word of God, the Almighty. Peter was to be the man upon who I would build my

church, even though, he denied me three times, upon my death, and before, he was forgiven, and

his sins washed away. Peter was the anchor, as they built the church, who practiced, love, peace

and the love of the savior Jesus. Peter and all the disciples did wonderous works, but all said it

was only through their lord God, that they were able to do this, a humble and true understanding

of Christianity.

Paul was going around killing people, in the name of God, and my Father, did not like this, so I

appeared to him on the road to Damascus, and breathe into him, the truth of my Father, the one

and only God. He turned a grassroots movement, unto a church, with rules and regulations,

which all, who saw themselves as Christian, were to follow.

The truth is that you can go to church, or simply live your life in the Christian manner, and you are as holy, spiritual, etc., as anyone, in the Church that Paul started, and Peter built into a house of God.

What else to you want to hear?

Chair 1: You feel that I want more than what you have already given, but if you feel you are done, then I respect that, if you want to go on, I will respect that to. However, I do have a question, I would like to ask, if that’s all right with you?

Jesus: You may ask your question.

Chair 1: Were the angels, in fact, extraterrestrials, who wanted to point humanity in the right


Jesus: Angels, are the beauty of God, and it doesn’t matter, if they’re angels, or something else,

the role they played, was messenger of my Father’s. I’m done, now.

Chair 1: Thank you for your time.

In conclusion, we’ve seen that any sequence can be listed by the dream elements, within it,

and then by role playing with the dream elements, can come up with the truth of the sequence.

To do this you must trust your feelings, trust yourself, be open to allow what you feel the dream

element wants to say, without putting you into the mix, and giving information needed to

understand the sequence, to be found in print, or visually, so you can pull the dream elements

out of the sequence, you want to study! List them, and then role play with each, to find the

answers you’re looking for, ergo the Truth of the Sequence.


May the Microcosmic Force be with You, Always!