Black Ops

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014  ( Zoua )


I have had training, which I didn’t know about till stumbling on the truth, in black ops operations, from ETs and from the US military, CIA, DIA, and other intelligence agencies. I was trained in killing, survival, assassinations, sniper, intelligence information gathering, and much more.

ETs trained me to go onto a planet, usually by either shape shifting, or utilizing a box, created by The Designer, which allowed you to be any race you might run into.

I had special forces training, survival, operations, and life persuasion.

I had psychic training, spiritual training, psychic inducement, telepathic push, control, etc.

I studied astrology, I Ching, and other books of future telling.

I trained clothed, nude, with equipment and food, and without.

I trained in many martial arts.

I trained in professional spying; and profiling target, and extinguishing.

I trained in fast speed driving, running, languages, culture, academics, and customs.

I trained how to fit in anywhere, I did this with the ETs, too, and they had a watch which would do the same as the Designer’s box.

I trained on ET instrumentation of all there flight, planetary flyers, mother ships, Jazz ships, starships, and all other ET equipment.

I trained in romance, sexual enhancements, long lasting, and being able to cut it off at any time.

I trained in business, technology, and how to spy on different countries.

I trained in music, playing instruments, singing, and going solo.

I trained in fitting in, anywhere, being one of the crowd, or standing out, speech giving, persuasion.

I trained in murder, execution, and sabotage, counterintelligence and more.

I trained in gaining information, from men and women, torture, etc.

I trained in living in the highest creative communities, and to become a star.

I trained in terrestrial mechanics, theoretical physics, astrophysics, etc.

I trained in teaching methods, elementary, high school, college and University, along with technical as well.

I trained in lying, cheating, gambling, crooked gambling, and more.

I trained in causing the downfall of targets in social, and antisocial situations.

I trained in sports, war, technology, flying, aquanatics, shape-shifting, etc.

I trained in future walking, past walking, interaction in particular events.

I trained in archeology, anthropology, psychology, science, auto mechanics, and more.

I trained in maps, mental picture taking, memory enhancements and more.





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