YC-Backed Transcend Launches An Extra Efficient LED Light For Indoor Farmers


Transcend Lighting, one of the more unconventional startups accepted into Y Combinator’s latest cohort, is launching out of beta today to bring its energy-saving LED lights to indoor farmers everywhere.

Founder Brian Bennett, an optical engineer by training, invented the first Transcend prototype after his father challenged him to build some LED lights for the family farm in upstate New York.

When the lights he designed were successful, Bennett entered a business plan competition at Columbia, won some money to continue developing the idea, and was accepted into Y Combinator’s Spring 2015 class.

“Farms today, generally speaking, use high pressure sodium lights, which are the same lights as street lamps,” says Bennett. “That works, and plants grow reasonably well under them, but it wastes a lot of energy.”

Trancend’s bulbs differ from typical LED lights because they only use blue light. The company has developed a wavelength conversion system that uses phosphorous to convert…

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