That’s Entertainment (Part One)


His Surrogates called him, Earl Stump. The boy emancipated himself when he was twelve, the age of consent. During the first twelve years it was considered essential for a child to experience the “real world” in order to counter “arrested development.” When Earl donned the VR Helmet for the first time he changed his name and persona. He called himself, Johnny Biggie Wang, and connected to the Fast Track in search of entertainment. In the beginning he was ensnared by viral videos and dumb snap-chats. His personal entertainment value was zero and that meant no chits to pay for food, lodging, and maintenance. At this rate Johnny Biggie would starve and his physical body would be recalled and recycled. Johnny had to find a shtick. He needed a gimmick that could make him a star like The Donald. Johnny knew he could never outdo The Donald, no one could. Johnny…

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