Quip, The Mobile-First Word Processing App, Adds A Desktop Version


When Quip was first debuted to the world two years ago by co-founder and former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, its unique selling point was that it was a “mobile first” word processor, built for the always connected, always collaborating smartphone and tablet generation. Fast forward to today, and things are evolving — or taking a step back, depending on how you look at it: The startup is releasing its first official desktop apps for Mac and Windows.

It’s a somewhat ironic turn, given that when he was first launching Quip, Taylor mocked legacy word processing programs, noting that “It’s comical how similar [MacWrite] looks like what we use today” and how most desktop programs don’t address how consumers are turning away from legacy computing devices.

So why the change of heart? Quip is following its users.

Quip today has over 30,000 businesses and “millions of individuals” using its apps, including companies like Facebook, CNN…

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