Precision Ag Tech Helps California Farmers Grow More With Less Water


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Will Gerry might look the part of a fourth-generation farmer — dirty denim jeans, shirt sleeves rolled up and a gray beard that wraps from brim to brim on his leather hat. But once Gerry whips the smartphone out of his pocket, he starts rattling off tech jargon and analyzing data points across his farm like a 20-something whiz kid from Silicon Valley.

The Gerry family has been farming in Ventura County for more than 140 years, but the longtime local grower isn’t afraid to step away from conventional practices when it comes to growing berries in drought-parched California.

In fact, Gerry has been growing blueberries with precision irrigation practices for more than a decade at Coastal California Blueberry Farm in Camarillo, making the bold move to level the family’s citrus and avocado trees in favor of 300,000 bushes that produce berries throughout the year for a global market.

“We’ve always wanted to have this place healthy,”…

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