There is now a subscription service for just about anything, and feminine hygiene products are no exception. There is HelloFlo, Le Parcel, Juniper and the list goes on and on.

But scheduled deliveries does not a great service make.

Lola, a new startup that just picked up $1.2 million in seed funding, is looking to differentiate not through merely scheduling deliveries, but by enhancing the product itself.

That’s right — Lola is making a new kind of tampon.

“We start using tampons at a young age, and we’re often given our first tampon from someone we trust, like a mom or a friend,” said cofounder Jordana Kier. “Because of this, we don’t often think about what our tampons are actually made of, or if they’re healthy for us.”

So Lola has developed an all-cotton tampon.

Tampons are considered medical devices and as such, require approval from the FDA, the…

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Lola, Offering Safer Tampons As A Subscription, Picks Up $1.2 Million In Seed Funding