I’ve Seen The Future Of Twitter And It’s Apple Music


When I was listening to Pharrell and Justin Timberlake (assumedly stoned out of their minds) ramble about the meaning of art with Cara Delevigne on Beats 1 over the weekend, I came to the sudden realization that the product that I had been listening to was the future of Twitter.

Apple Music is far from the most intuitive product Apple has pushed out, but the features they’ve finessed that emphasize discovery and live curated content are exactly what Twitter has been missing.

The fact that Twitter needs a new way to approach live content shouldn’t be a surprise, the company has teased Project Lightning, an upcoming feature that heavily emphasizes events, and investors have called for the deconstruction of the timeline as Twitter’s central hub. Project Lightning (or Moments) isn’t enough. What’s Trending wasn’t enough.

What Twitter needs is already sitting at the bottom of the Apple Music app, those tabs (specifically Radio and For…

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