CrowdSuit Wants To Help You Get Even With Your Phone Company


We all know telecoms are evil.* But as an individual, there’s rarely a way to fight back.

Enter CrowdSuit, a new company that aims to help phone customers seek legal redress against phone companies even when they cannot file class action suits. Telecoms increasingly are including a contract provision that prevents customers from filing class action lawsuits against them.

Because the cost of an individual lawsuit is often greater than the damages a customer would receive if they won a suit on an issue like throttling, it’s not worth it for them to sue alone. As a result, no one sues, and the telecoms get a free ride. In some states just filing a lawsuit would cost $70, and the amount customers could win by filing would be far less than that.

Ben Kinney, CrowdSuit CEO and founder, said he has found a way around these contract provisions with class alternative litigation…

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