Nudist Resort List in California, USA

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For nudists in California, USA, the hot list of local nudist resorts here for you to enjoy the summer! Remember to call before you go if you are a single nudist of California, you know some of the nudist resorts are open to nudist couple or nudist family only:


Laguna del Sol
8683 Rawhide Lane Wilton,CA 95693
Laguna del Sol is one of the premier clothing-optional resorts in the United States.


Olive Dell Ranch
26520 Keissel Road Colton,CA 92324
Olive Dell Ranch is Southern California’s favorite nudist resort for families and couples.


Sea Mountain Nude Resort
Desert Hot Springs Palm Springs 92262
Awarded and luxury nude resort and spa hotel and club for nudist couples only with 24 hour dance lounge and warm 24 hour natural mineral water pools.


Diablo Sun Devils
PO Box 1684 Lafayette,CA 94549-1684
Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and featuring exciting nude parties……

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GoFundMe Learns The Taylor Swift Principle


Once in a while (a lot, actually), part-time Apple blogger and musician Taylor Swift likes to give to a charitable cause. She likes hanging out with kids who are in the hospital, too. She likes disrupting technology the most.

Swift’s most recent disruptive move was a donation made to a little girl named Naomi, who is kicking the crap out of cancer. It was for $50k, to help with some medical costs that insurance wasn’t picking up, through the site GoFundMe. Only problem was that GoFundMe never thought anyone would donate over $15k at once, so it took a bit of rejiggering to allow Swift to make her donation:

“Taylor Swift’s donation was so generous that it required us to increase the donation limit on the platform,” said Rob Solomon, GoFundMe CEO. GoFundMe’s previous donation limit was set at $15,000, but has now been increased to $50,000…

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The Secondary Markets Are Becoming The Wild West Again


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Early this week the WSJ reported that the Securities Exchange Commission is investigating the selling of pre-IPO company stock, which has seen a recent surge in activity as companies remain private longer and valuations continue to rise.

The SEC also put the clamps on a startup ‘exchange’ that was in gross violation of the securities laws.

The resurgence of unfettered secondary markets is a concern for both private companies and shareholders. Take it from us. We started the first incarnation of this market in 2010 to help private company shareholders find liquidity. We pivoted to a technology focused, company centric solution which has become the industry standard. Still, the growth in the broker market presents a problem that cannot be ignored.

For private companies, unfettered secondary trading perverts employee incentive structures and requires significant financial and human resources to contain. Prior to Title V of the JOBS…

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Wix Launches WixEd, A Free Online School For Website Design


DIY website creator Wix wants to make starting a career in web design as easy as it’s made building your own site.

Today, the company is launching WixEd, a free online education program that teaches Wix users everything they need to know to launch their own website design business.

The course consists of three parts: Wix Webmaster, which teaches web design with the tools Wix provides, and two business and marketing classes that cover all aspects of running a small business with intros to SEO, e-commerce, accounting, and photography.

A group of Wix instructors are on call to answer questions and review the homework that’s assigned after each section, including building a website for a real small business client.

“It’s not only about building websites, it’s about being the person who is responsible for the online presence of a small business,” says Yuval Finkelstein, who is running the WixEd program for Wix. “All of the strengths that online marketing had two…

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Precision Ag Tech Helps California Farmers Grow More With Less Water


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Will Gerry might look the part of a fourth-generation farmer — dirty denim jeans, shirt sleeves rolled up and a gray beard that wraps from brim to brim on his leather hat. But once Gerry whips the smartphone out of his pocket, he starts rattling off tech jargon and analyzing data points across his farm like a 20-something whiz kid from Silicon Valley.

The Gerry family has been farming in Ventura County for more than 140 years, but the longtime local grower isn’t afraid to step away from conventional practices when it comes to growing berries in drought-parched California.

In fact, Gerry has been growing blueberries with precision irrigation practices for more than a decade at Coastal California Blueberry Farm in Camarillo, making the bold move to level the family’s citrus and avocado trees in favor of 300,000 bushes that produce berries throughout the year for a global market.

“We’ve always wanted to have this place healthy,”…

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Exponential Organizations Are The Future Of Global Business And Innovation


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Here’s a strange thought: Not very long ago, vertical integration was the cutting edge of global business. Indeed, well into the last century, the companies considered to be at the forefront of innovation were those resting atop the largest and most sprawling networks of operation.

Today’s business leaders stake their success on the opposite model of development. Increasingly, “agility” is the determining factor of market competitiveness, “leanness” its new underlying impetus. The fear of being outmaneuvered in the digital age has sent even cumbersome corporate giants like General Electric scrambling to adopt methodologies from the startup community.

One of the last persistent hangovers from the previous mindset is the presumption of scarcity. For businesses operating under the notion that the resources available to them are fixed and at a premium, the goal has been and always will be to control as many stages of production and distribution as…

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Spoiler Alert App Makes Donating Surplus Food As Easy As Tossing It In A Dumpster


Spoiler Alert is an app that wants to put itself out of business.

That’s unlikely to happen considering the enormity of the problem—food waste—the startup is tackling. Its founders, recent MIT Sloan graduates Emily Malina and Ricky Ashenfelter, however, hope to keep tons of food out of landfills by making it quick and simple for companies to donate or sell surplus inventory.

Based in Cambridge, Mass. and currently available in the New England region, Spoiler Alert is a business-to-business marketplace. Eight organizations participated in its pilot program earlier this year and Malina says nearly 10,000 pounds of food were donated through the iOS app (web and Android versions are coming soon). Some listings were claimed in as little as three minutes.

Now the startup is recruiting more businesses, seeking funding, and eyeing expansion throughout the U.S. Ultimately, Malina and Ashenfelter want to build a food analytics platform to help companies plan their…

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