New Startup Construct Tackles One Of Brazil’s Most Inefficient Industries


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Brazilian startup Construct is announcing a R$1 million angel round to bring real-time project management to Brazil’s famously inefficient construction industry.

Construct co-founders Drew Beaurline and Patrick Albert are taking on one of the nation’s most corrupt and bureaucratic industries – possibly a job only twenty-something foreigners with no particular background in construction would be naïve enough to attempt.

Take Exhibit A: Petrobras, the state-run oil company and crown jewel of the Brazilian economy until a scandal of unprecedented proportions revealed Petrobras executives had been awarding Brazil’s biggest construction firms contracts in exchange for kickbacks. The damage stands at $16 billion so far — $2 billion which went directly into the hands of corrupt firms and executives — and this week heads of two of the top construction firms in Latin America, including one that built the Sao Paulo stadium for World Cup, were arrested

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