Snapchat Wants To Be How Youngins Watch The Election


Maybe Snapchat can make ‘the youth’ care about politics. It’s certainly going to try. Snapchat is hiring a ‘Content Analyst – Politics & News’ “to cover the 2016 presidential race and other news events for Snapchat” through its Our Stories feature.

If Snapchat can create compelling election content, it could better host lucrative political ads. It already ran its first campaign ad (seen below), and hired Google’s head of political ad sales Rob Saliterman to do the same for Snapchat.

The political content analyst job description includes:

  • Use submitted Snaps – and your own – to tell stories about the 2016 presidential race
  • Snap the excitement of the campaign trail – the candidates, the characters, the drama

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.30.36 AM

Essentially, Snapchat will create Our Stories for big moments from the campaigns, like the debates, major rallies, and election night. These Our Stories mix user-submitted snaps that are reviewed and curated by Snapchat’s…

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