Homebase Wants To Solve The Scheduling And Payroll Headache For Local Businesses


Homebase, a San Francisco-based startup, is launching out of beta to take the pain out of scheduling and payroll management for small business restaurants and retailers.

90 percent of retail and restaurant scheduling is currently done on paper or Excel, which makes managing payroll an owner’s nightmare. It takes an average of seven hours per week to review timesheets and coordinate schedules, all while taking into account labor law compliance, overtime rates, and keeping within your operating budget.

For the 33 million people employed hourly by these local businesses, getting a shift covered often means consulting a call list, sending out a bunch of texts, and hoping you’ll hear back in time.

John Waldmann, founder of Homebase, shows me a photo of a schedule taken from a restaurant on University Ave in Palo Alto.


“We’re in the epicenter of tech, and this is how local businesses are being run,” Waldmann says. “It seems crazy to me — 30 percent of…

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