Ignoring Junior VCs Is A Mistake


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Many first-time founders underestimate the value of junior VCs, which can be a costly mistake. Investors look for hungry founders because they have the grit to fight through sleepless nights, setbacks and roadblocks.

Similarly, founders should be looking for hungry venture capitalists; they will find none hungrier than the junior VC on the team. The hungry junior VC can be an entrepreneur’s staunchest supporter, both before and after funding. To understand why this is the case, you need to understand a little more about how larger venture firms operate.

Understanding The Junior VC

There are two main types of junior VC: partner track and non-partner track. The nomenclature at every firm is different, but Venture Partners are often partner-track VCs, whereas Associates and Analysts are often non-partner track. For partner-track VCs, their goal is to make full partner, which means they need to build a successful investment track…

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