How a deaf artist and a blind activist experience the world


Born deaf, TED Fellow and artist Christine Sun Kim uses sound as her medium, so when she saw Daniel Kish (TED Talk: How I use sonar to navigate the world) explain how he uses the echoes from the clicks of his tongue to navigate the world without sight … she was intrigued. The two of them got together to talk about how they each perceive sound, and to share their thoughts on sight and sound “etiquette.” This conversation was translated live from English to American Sign Language and back again by Dylan Geil and Denise Kahler.

Christine Sun Kim: What’s your relationship with sound? How do you use it to perceive your environment?

Daniel Kish: In one sense, all sound is the same, in that all sound creates pressure waves in the air. But I distinguish between “incident” sounds and “reflection” sounds — those that are made, and those that are reflected. Any sound that is made will…

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