Founder Jack Ma Lays Out Alibaba’s US Strategy


Founder and executive chairman Jack Ma said there’s a big opportunity for Alibaba in the United States: “Alibaba was founded in China, but it was created for the world.”

Ma spoke today at The Economic Club of New York, and he made similar points in a new op-ed for The Wall Street Journal (paywall). He said that as Alibaba has grown, and especially after it had the largest IPO over, he’s been constantly asked when Alibaba is coming to the U.S.: “When are you going to compete with Amazon? When are you going to compete with eBay?”

“We show great respect for eBay and Amazon,” he said. “I think the opportunity and the strategy for us is helping small business in America go to China, sell their products to China.”

He went on to note that China’s middle class is now the size of the entire population of the United…

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