Glia Raises Cash To Match Consumers And Companies Around Values


As another political cycle begins to ramp up, a new service called Glia has raised seed funding to connect consumers with the brands and companies that support their similar values.

Seemingly during every big election cycle, people become hyper-aware of how the corporations whose goods they buy and services they use on a daily basis spend their money on political and social campaigns.

It’s with an eye toward that hypersensitive political climate that Barry Klein, a longtime political consultant has raised the first capital to grow Glia (named after the neural cells that his wife has researched that are the basis for learning and cognition in the brain).

Along with co-founders Chris Rappley, a longtime startup consultant, and Tahlia Sutton, a product development executive, Klein has developed Glia to be an app that blends Yelp and eHarmony, for what Klein calls “values-based shopping”.

A user on the app simply fills out a profile of…

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