Motor Trend gets their hands on the ATS-V–and does naughty things.

Mind Over Motor

The bad Cadillac of old is officially dead–no more garbage luxury cars that aren’t luxurious nor prestigious. But we need not shed a tear. The new Cadillac produces cars that Americans want–stuff that handles properly, looks fantastic, and is priced fitting of a luxury automobile.  Carlos Lago has the keys to a white ATS-V Coupe, which will be coming soon to a showroom near you. After reading some early first drives of the new member to the Cadillac V family, I think we’re going to welcome this family member with open arms. So go ahead, you’ve got twelve minutes to watch this video. You’ll be glad you did.  Just listen to that twin-turbo V6–it has a lot of nice things to say about life.

-Albert S. Davis

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