Meet Jellynote, a French startup that provides a new yet familiar experience for learning music. With Jellynote, you can find scores and see YouTube covers at the same time, create a songbook and suggest different versions. But the killer feature is a Guitar Hero-like mode that takes advantage of your microphone. It’s like playing the video game, but with a real guitar — you can see in real time if you are playing the right note and follow your progress on the score.

“There are three key challenges when you learn to play a new instrument,” co-founder and CEO Baptiste Poirier told me in a phone interview. “You need to find content, learn how to read it and stay motivated.”

When you browse Jellynote’s website, you instantly know this isn’t your average score database with a bunch of zipped images thrown up on the Internet. And the team…

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With Jellynote, Learning To Play An Instrument Is Like Playing Guitar Hero