Pitch At The Palace? — Now, Even England’s Duke Of York Is Getting Into Startups


It’s not often that a genuine, card-carrying Royal family gets involved in technology startups. But over the last few years, the Duke Of York, (yes, of England fame) has dedicated himself to shining a spotlight both on technology entrepreneurs and initiatives to promote STEM skills among young people. His ‘Pitch @ Palace’ events — where startup get to literally pitch — are now a mainstay of the UK tech scene, and switch between St James’ Palace and — sometimes — even Buckingham Palace itself. The Duke has drawn around him a number of leading investors and entrepreneurs to promote both innovation and technology entrepreneurialism in manner which is rarely seen at the highest echelons of the average country.

Now, the Duke has opened up his initiative to the general public, creating a “People’s Choice Award” in which anyone can vote on their favourite new startup. All 42…

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