# 54 How to enjoy the world, through looking at art

Enviroradience: a Self-Genesis Fellowship

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Humanity is gifted with the ability to write, draw, paint, carve, and much more. This gift is best seen, when a visual is wanted to share, in art, and photography.

Art is a way of first seeing and looking, for something that stimulates the creative brain cells, and won’t leave you alone, till you create the vision, you see in your head, or within your bodymind.

Creative holding in, can drive creative persons, bonkers, till they have to do their thing on it, and release that drive, which is the one, who won’t allow the creative person, to rest and be able to do other things, until he/she has put down on paper or canvas, and in photography, what you see in your mind, is captured by the camera, for all to see.

EnviroRadiance backs all kinds of creative endeavors, art and photography, are just…

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