New-Age Bootstrapping Is Not A Money Problem, It’s A Product Opportunity


Editor’s note: Ben Schippers is the co-founder of HappyFunCorp where he spends his days building software for startups and fortune companies.

The tendency for entrepreneurs is to build big products. But the problem with big, feature-rich products is that they take substantial time and money.

People talk about this topic frequently, especially in the technology sector. What I’m laying out here, however, is slightly different. I’m discussing how bootstrapping has evolved. How bootstrapping has become more of a product problem and an opportunity. If entrepreneurs can learn to release smaller products early and often, then the conversation about having to raise venture capital early wildly shifts and enables friends and family rounds to be much more impactful — an idea that is beneficial for all parties.

As bandwidth continues to become cheaper and technology more accessible, we’ve seen a huge shift in how technology is being built, deployed and consumed. Even though the technology landscape has changed, entrepreneurs are still…

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