Publishizer Is A Crowdfunding Solution That Connects Authors With Publishers


As a seasoned self-published author with an excess of one book under my belt, I’ve been looking for new and interesting publishing tools for indie writers. Recently I found something called Publishizer, a crowdfunding system just for books. While I’m not entirely convinced it’s the way to go for new authors, it does seem like a compact and focused solution for getting your book into the world.

The entire system is based around the concept of proposals. To submit a book you simply enter the title and then a little bit of information including a 1,000-word description of the work and a bio. Everything is very free-form and there is little in the way of vetting. Instead, the creator, Guy Vincent, and his team approve your project and you can start selling pre-orders which you receive once you reach your funding goal. Vincent and his team also send out…

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