A Product Roadmap For Up-And-Coming VCs


Editor’s note:Indy Guha is a partner at Bain Capital Ventures who invests in early- and growth-stage cloud application/SaaS companies.

Earlier this year, I had the good fortune of becoming the youngest partner at Bain Capital Ventures. (BCV).  There’s a lot of work ahead to make sure I make the most of that opportunity and so I find myself reflecting on the personal “productroadmap” that got me here and the “features” I want to double-down on. Perhaps these ideas can be a helpful framework for other upandcoming investors and to founders who are trying to evaluate the types of VCs they want to work with.

First, let’s define our product: value-added capital. The era of VCs as (hopefully) smart people with a checkbook is over. Today, founders choose investors for more than just money. They hold us to a higher standard (as they…

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