Circa Breaks Free From Mobile, Brings Its Personalized News Digest To The Web


Circa, a mobile news reader for iOS and Android which, to date, has focused on offering users short, easily digestible news stories that allow you to more quickly consume news while on the go, is making a notable change to its service today: it’s expanding to the web. On a new website at CircaNews.com, the company is taking its summarized news stories to the big screen in an effort to cater to users’ “mobile lifestyles,” the company says, rather than just delivering its content to their mobile devices.

That is, the idea with the web version of Circa is to offer users a way to read the news in brief as they move in between their devices – laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. While Circa’s apps are meant to be read as you have a few minutes of downtime and are away from your PC, the website version of the…

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