Shake now charges $10 for tool to close deals on the go


Closing a deal with a handshake is great, except for the fact that it’s no more than that — a handshake, not a valid contract. On the other hand, schlepping off to see a lawyer is slow and often costs more money than the deal is worth.

That’s why products like Shake are intriguing: it’s a suite of off-the-shelf legal agreements covering things like NDAs or freelance work agreements that users can create right from their mobile phone.

Shake, which has been around since 2012, is now for the first time offering a premium version of its product in the hopes that power users will pay $10/month in return for new features, including custom logos, payment notifications and syncing contracts to Dropbox.

In recent months, some well-known companies like Twitter, Vice Media and the coding hub General Assembly have been testing the pro version of the product.

Shake CEO Abe Geiger told me the contracts are…

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