Medium Goes After Tumblr With Changes That Encourage Shorter Posts


Only a month ago, Tumblr upgraded its writing interface to better compete with newer blogging platform Medium, best known for its long-form content. Today, Medium is turning the tables and moving into Tumblr’s territory instead with a series of changes that encourage writers to share stories of any length – even shorter posts and incomplete thoughts.

Explains Medium via a blog post announcing the news: “We know that length is not a measure of thoughtfulness.”

The company says that sometimes writers just need to get a thought out there in order for it to grow.

Medium’s distraction-free, full-screen editor has helped the company attract those who wanted a clean and simple writing environment which, by its very nature, lends itself to longer articles, essays and journal entries. But on the other hand, a company that limits itself to the niche audience of long-form writers in the age of BuzzFeed can only grow so far.


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