# 1 Holistic Health- Frequency Massage

Enviroradience: a Self-Genesis Fellowship

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015

Frequency Philosophy

Frequency Massage works with back of the head, neck, top of the spine, shoulders, and top of chest, especially areas, on right and left side, where the muscles lie and anger is stored, and the top of the back of the torso.

Frequency Massage works on these principles:

1. Bodymind- each person, being you work on, is a single whole, with no parts, but lives, works, plays, sleeps, bathes, cleans, drives, washes, etc., with a single bodymind, where there are no aspects, only Bodymind.

2. The Bodymind is covered with Microcosmic Force Energy Flow Centers, large and microcenters. Stimulation of these centers, can help the whole Bodymind be healthy, and flexible.

3. Singularity- You, as a Bodymind, are a singularity; meaning you’re the center of all your movements, breaths, and actions. Your actions come from within you, thus have the total power of…

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