The New Rules Of Going Public


According to a recent reportTwilio wants to go public. Twilio, a company that provides software-based communications tools for developers, closed out 2014 on a $100 million annual run rate. Or, put another way, Twilio brought in just over $8 million in top line last December.

Box, New Relic and Hortonworks each recently proved that the IPO window is open and that investors have an appetite for quickly growing, if yet unprofitable, technology shares. Box, New Relic, Hortonworks and Twilio also share a focus on selling products to other corporations. Assuming that Twilio is not yet profitable, it grew within expectations in 2014, and has not radically decided to change its business, it is an analogous company in the financial sense to the three1.

The three public firms saw their shares pop during their first trading days. In the case of Box, shares jumped so high that there was some griping

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