What makes a great employee — Cameron Purdy

A Founder's Notebook

Cameron Purdy‘s answer to From the perspective of a CEO, what are the most underrated skills most employees lack?:

Ownership / stewardship – the #1 attribute for someone to be valuable to a team and to an organization.

Humility / listening ability – the #1 attribute for someone to be able to grow as a person, as a team member, and potentially as a leader.

(1) Re. ownership / stewardship: key factors (in my experience) are taking responsibility for results, ability to recognize when things aren’t working, willingness to ask for help.
(2) Re. humility / listening ability: the most important advice I give VPs in Seeking Alpha is “Ask questions more”. This is particularly true in 1:1s with me. “Perhaps you don’t ask questions enough because you feel a need to demonstrate how competent you are. Understand that I have faith in you. I’ve given you a position…

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