Suffering Sappho – The Secret Life of Wonder Woman


poly2After randomly tuning into NPR’s “Fresh Air” one night last fall as I was driving, I heard Terry Gross interviewing the author of a book titled “The Secret History of Wonder Woman”. The teaser before the break was “come back to hear about the person who created the Wonder Woman comic strip, and how he had a much more interesting life than the icon he created.”

Well that piqued my attention, so I stayed tuned.

The guest was the book’s author, Jill Lepore. She and Terry discussed the book, and what made the author’s life so interesting; William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman’s creator, was polyamorous.

Well ok, then. NOW I’m really interested.

As the interview went on, the two women giggled like schoolgirls as Ms. Lepore discussed how Marston met his wife, Elizabeth when the two were in elementary school in the 1900s. They grew up together, got married, and…

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