How 51 Shades Of Licensing Is Killing Our Economy


Who should live and who should die? Every day, thousands of patients across the United States put their lives into the hands of trained medical professionals, relying on the skill, experience, and intuition of these experts to safely regain their health. Medical doctors are strictly licensed, required to go through years of rigorous academic training and apprenticeships before they are allowed to operate autonomously.

Should you buy daffodils or chrysanthemums? While hardly a life-or-death question (except perhaps yesterday on Valentines Day), florists in Louisiana can’t simply open a shop and begin providing floral advice. In decidedly un-floral language, the state of Louisiana requires a license to be a retail florist, demanding a written exam before one is allowed to “arrange and sell floral designs, cut flowers and ornamental plants.”

Whether doctors or florists, occupational licenses have grown incredibly common in the United States, encompassing possibly more than 1000 professions and…

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