Flipboard Moves Beyond Mobile To Bring Its Personalized News Magazines To The Web


It’s taken several years, but Flipboard is finally coming to the platform where most digital publishers start. After providing readers with beautiful, personalized mobile magazines on their mobile devices, the company is re-launching its web page to do the same.

Flipboard’s apps enable readers to flip through stories based on different sources and topics they subscribe to. Until today, however, Flipboard was 100 percent mobile, living only on users’ tablets and mobile phones. In part, that’s because web browsers weren’t quite ready when the company first launched.

“When we were originally going to build Flipboard for the web, we realized it was a super hard thing to do,” co-founder Mike McCue told me. Back in 2010, when the company was founded, developing for the newly announced iPad seemed like a better solution than trying to reimagine publishing for the web.

But after nearly five years of focusing on apps for…

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