BrightEdge Launches New Data-Driven Writing Tools For Content Marketers


If you’re a marketer cranking out blog posts to promote your brand, BrightEdge has released new tools that should help you keep an eye on the competition while you’re at it.

When the company raised its $42.8 million Series D back in 2013, it was already expanding its focus beyond search engine optimization to content marketing. As CEO Jim Yu put it at the time, the goal was “understanding consumer engagement of organic content across all digital channels.”

To that end, BrightEdge created its Content Optimizer, which draws on the BrightEdge Data Cube (hey, it sounds futuristic at least) to become a writing coach of sorts. As the marketer goes along, the Content Optimizer provides recommendations on things such as blog post structure or when a post is too long.

With Content Optimizer 3.0, BrightEdge is adding data from a new source — competitors. That means marketers can see what kinds of content their competitors are…

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