Bookniture Is A Book And Also Furniture


You love books… but you also love places to sit. You’re in a bind. The evil Dictator of your tiny country says you can only one of the two – a book or a chair. What to do? If you have Bookniture, you can thumb your nose right at Generalissimo Alibria’s state photograph and sit on your book.

What is this thing? Well, it’s basically a fold-away form of furniture made of carefully constructed cardboard. When closed you can put the furniture up on a shelf and when open it can support up to 375 lbs. What can you do with your Bookniture? Take it on a picnic! Sit on it at home! Use it as a little table! Make someone sit on it as a joke! The possibilities are endless!

Why is this cool? Well, it’s a novel way of thinking about design and home furnishing and it’s…

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