5G: Creativity Without Constraint Or A One-Size-Fits-All Future?


Editor’s note: DemGerolemou is a hybrid designer at ustwo London, working across visual design and UX.

The U.K. took the first significant step toward 5G mobile rollout last month when Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, started considering where it should fit on the airwaves. We will all notice the difference in 2020, when 5G is due to go live, because its goal is to give the impression of “infinite capacity” according to the University of Surrey’s 5G innovation center. Its speed, at 3,000 times faster than 4G, will mean having mind-bending things like holographic projections…wherever we have reception.

Beyond the appetising hype that sees us getting closer to the world portrayed in our favourite sci-fi films, 5G heralds a fundamental shift for designers of our digital experiences, and by extension what we experience as users. That is because 5G, alongside parallel developments that will supercharge wired…

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