The bare truth about the gender-binary, growing bones from your own stem cells and why “wintry mix” is a sweetly deceptive term

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Watch iO Tillett Wright
The TED community has been busy in the past week. Below, a few TEDsters with news to share.

Accepting people for who they say they are. In a knockout new video for The What’s Underneath Project, iO Tillett Wright shared her journey of gender and self-discovery, taking off a single article of clothing with each vulnerable story of bravery in the midst of confusion. She admits that she still faces challenges in a society whose idea of gender is so harshly binary, “There’s no time of the day, if I’m in public, where there isn’t somebody trying to figure out what I am. And it’s exhausting.” However, whether through her writing or an expansive photography essay project, she still encourages others to engage with the LGBTQ community with the same consideration that her parents did with her, “The one thing that they always got unequivocally right was that…

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