Who Needs Sundance When You’ve Got Crowdfunding?


Film festivals used to be do-or-die moments for movie makers. They were where you met the producers that could fund your project, and if the buyers liked your flick, they’d pay to have it distributed to the only place it could be seen — the grande ole cinema.

But if they didn’t dig the idea or rough cut, your film never got made or was dead on arrival.

Indiegogo Film

Fast-forward and it’s a very different scene. You might want connections to film’s elite or a critically acclaimed premier, but you don’t need them. Armed with just a rough concept, you can raise millions on crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Once you’ve made your film, you might want it to get picked up by a major studio for widespread release, but you don’t need it. You could sell it directly from your website; cut revenue share deals to sell or…

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