Gigaom Research webinar: The lure of cloud storage: transforming on your terms


Companies are lured to the public cloud due to some of the inherent benefits including improved flexibility, agility, time to market and lower capital and operational costs associated with the use of public clouds. As companies mature in their use of public cloud environments, many realize they need to augment security availability services as well as formulate best practices in determining which data is appropriate for public cloud environments. Furthermore, it is critical to understand not only the sensitivity of the data being considered for movement to public cloud, but also the activity level, performance characteristics, and advanced data management requirements (i.e. encryption, compliance, compression). These all factor in to determining the true expense for utilizing public cloud.

In this webinar, our panel will discuss:

  • What are the benefits of IT becoming a service provider to the business?
  • Why centralized management, visibility, and control is a critical success factor…

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