Four simple questions to help you get product-market fit

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From The Best Ways to Do Market Research for Your Business Plan:

Market research aims to understand the reasons consumers will buy your product. The basic questions to answer are:

1. Who are your customers? Describe them in terms of age, occupation, income, lifestyle, educational attainment, etc.

2. What do they buy now? Describe their buying habits relating to your product or service, including how much they buy, their favored suppliers, the most popular features and the predominant price points.

3. Why do they buy? This is the tricky one, attempting as it does to delve into consumers’ heads.

4. What will make them buy from you?

(1) The article is actually about doing market research for a business plan. But the questions are also useful for product managers, and can help at the marketing stage.
(2) Asking what your target customers are actually buying now, and why, avoids the pitfall…

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BAM! The FCC just defined broadband as 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up


The Federal Communications Commission just took a bold step and redefined broadband as 25 Mbps for downstream speeds and 3 Mbps for upstream speeds, a move that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler had hinted at earlier this month in a speech at International CES. The definition is a huge jump from the previous definition of broadband as 4 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream, which was the old standard implemented in 2010.

For a measure of how bold this is, consider that the previous standard was only changed in 2008 to define broadband as 786 kbps down up from dial up speeds of 200 kbps down at a time when people were already using services such as Skype. So until this move, the definition of broadband usually lagged the actual broadband speeds that the majority of customers were actually offered in the country. But according to the FCC, about 20 percent…

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America the new nazi state

1. The President says killing leaders of terrorists groups, okay’s killing women and children, as collateral damage. We are what we fight.

2. ISIS is an enemy, who is now fighting on the purpose of destroying their enemies, killing kids, therefore they must be stopped. This doesn’t mean we kill innocence, as ISIS does, executing them, what goes around needs to come around.

3. We need to find the radioactive mass or weapon ISIS has snuck into Western Europe, if this is indeed, true, ISIS has opened up a can of worms, and put nuclear weapons on the board to launch at them.

4. Obama is a traitor; he signed the National Defense Bill of 2012, which is the last block of laws giving the President the right to kill Americans inside and outside the country, to hold people indefinitely, to use drones inside america, and more. The Patriotic Act, and these new laws, must be abolished, and Obama impeached, then brought to war crimes trials.

5. The longest running war in the world, is man waring against women.

6. Obama and Congress has overstepped there boundaries, no matter what the conservative Supreme Court says, when they say they can charge americans, who don’t have health insurance. Corporate dream, making people have to have health insurance, giving them billions of new cash, just like Congress screwed americans, when they changed the bankruptcy act and when they help credit card companies have laws passed that would give them 46 billions in profit; the rich Congress people, putting the screws to americans. Both acts must be changed, and money given to these scalpers, given back to the ones it was taken from.

7. The Republicans and the Democrats are one in the same, a new party needs to come to the fore, which watches over regular americans, and their lives and finances.

8. This happened on a hill overlooking san francisco, ca; the military wanted to test their biological and chemical warfare weapons; not fully armed, but slighter doses of a nerve gas, etc. They released the gas, and it traveled down into S.F, and many people got ill, and a few died, each time they did this. No one was brought up on murder charges, but murder doesn’t have its stop time, so they can still be brought to trial. They have done this several time over years periods of time.

9. The Pentagon, in one of their war games, has said an 80% loss of americans is acceptable, as long as the 20% left could make a healthy birth rate, to repopulate America.

10. The Patriotic Act, and other acts/presidential orders or proclamations; are for the rich, and the rich are continuously trying to find ways of turning america into the new nazi state, where they rule over the poor, and use technology and neighbor reporting to find and eliminate activists and advocates for the people.

11. Congress in its twisted hatred of students, added 50% more to student loans, which were outstanding. This is extortion and all in Congress who voted for it, need to be arrested and brought to trial.

12.The court system is a conscription, and is against american freedom to go on jury call or not. End the conscription now!

13. Police in Amerca, are now more than ever, paramilitary killers, who use chokeholds, which they’re not to use, but do anyway. They have been given war equipment, as if they’re soldiers fighting a war. The bluebrotherhood is alive and well, and sees regular americans as the enemy, we need to squash this group that bands together, to lie, cheat and steal, if one of their own is brought up on charges.

Courts are similar, in that cops are hardly ever convicted of crimes, they do. We now have an us, vs. them mentality in the police forces of the United states.

14. Males are keeping women from sharing power, especially in Silicon Valley, its the old boy network, which women can’t tap into like men can. This has to change.

15.The CIA operatives and top echelon, needs to be put on trial for the genocide of a tribe in a remote area, where they added bio-death to this tribe’s water, which killed them all, then the CIA sent in its cleanup squads, and they burned everythin. This is an act of war, and a crime against humanity; all involved should be brought to trial.

Top security has to be stopped from protecting agencies, who use it to proclaim its national security, when its simply a new mob or criminals, working the government system, for its own rewards.

They must be stopped and punished, now.