Tumblr Announces Creatrs Network, An Agency- Style Platform Matching Brands With User Content


Tumblr, at 420 million monthly uniques, has announced a new program today called Creatrs. Tumblr describes it as a art-meets-content collective but it feels a lot like an ad agency. There are two different pieces to the Creatrs program.

The first, and most important, is the Creatrs Network. It’s an advertising platform from Tumblr that curates user artwork and artists to offer brands and advertisers for syndication and use in their own broader campaigns.

Hundreds of artists will be able to get into the action with brands who are increasingly demanding awesome digital content for their campaigns. The Creatrs Network will eventually allow Tumblr artists to sign up and try to sell their art, with proper attribution and licensing, to a brand who will syndicate that content across multiple verticals, from t-shirts to OOH advertising to commercials for the Super Bowl. Right now, though, Tumblr is choosing its own…

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