Sensors, sensors everywhere (but especially in the fields): FarmLink raises $40M


Agriculture is taking on a whole new look thanks to the emergence of ubiquitous sensors and big data technologies, as farmers are now able to collect and analyze data about nearly every aspect of their operations. The latest evidence of how big the agriculture-meets-data market might be in the future came on Wednesday, when a Kansas City, Missouri-based company called FarmLink announced it has closed a $40 million round of venture capital, led by OpenAir Equity Partners.

FarmLink collects data from sensor-equipped combines and then analyzes it to determine the maximum yield for any given tract of land. After this summer’s harvest, the company claims in a press release, it will have “more than 5 million acres of real yield data, along with more than a trillion data elements.”


But FarmLink is just one example of a company trying to reinvent farming by way of data. We have covered others…

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