I love ZZ top

One of my fav bands is ZZTop, I love their rock and roll, and how they use music videos to increase their popularity.

ZZTop is three guys, who play guitar, with relaxed high energy, and tell a story about what the music is talking about.

They’ve been around for a long time; and will be around even longer.

They rock!



Winner X-Factor 2013

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2014


The fans of X-Factor Australia watched in awe as one of the contestants, wowed the judges week after week, to the most standing ovations, in a row, on record, for the show.

Who is this princess of pop, none other than DAMI IM, 24 year old, piano teacher, from Brisbane, Australia.

The moment she walked on stage, and started interacting with the judges, she was a new star- born.

Her audition song was ” Hero ” and not only did the judges give her a standing ovation, the full audience of over four thousand people did as well.

She maintained her brilliance for the next five songs, leading to standing ovations.

The next two, two of the judges didn’t like, but the audience loved them, so the audience spoke and she went into the grand finals.

The back lighting for the songs, were perfect.

Danni Monigue was chosen for Dami’s mentor, and she did an outstanding job, getting her girl through to win the X-Factor 2013.

Songs sung by Dami- Hero, Purple Rain, Bridge over Troubled Waters, Clarity, Roar, Wrecking Ball and others.

The real funny part about all of this is at bootcamp Dami was sent home, but one of the six chosen, couldn’t do the amount of time necessary to do X-Factor, so they brought Dami back, and she went on to win the whole bit.

She is Australia new  international pop star; Roar for Dami, and be one of Damisarmy!


The UK’s “emergency” DRIP surveillance law is now a done deal


The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers (DRIP) Bill, which was fast-tracked by the U.K. government as emergency legislation, is now law. The House of Lords passed the bill on Thursday without a vote after MPs gave their approval on Tuesday. It received royal assent hours later, making it the DRIP Act. The bill was only revealed to the public one week ago.

The purpose of DRIP, which actually expands the British authorities’ surveillance powers, is ostensibly to make up for an April ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), which struck down the EU’s Data Retention Directive for having insufficient privacy safeguards.

Much of the U.K. authorities’ domestic surveillance powers came from regulations based wholly on that directive, so the CJEU ruling made those regulations invalid too. This removed the legal backing for the authorities being able to demand that ISPs and telcos store customer…

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Howdy, readers! Happy to have you here, this is going to be a blog about my adventures, interest, and how I view the government, which has bought 30,000 gillotines, along with fusion centers, wanting to kill billions of people, etc., the rich life of Conspiracy Theory, which is Conspiracy Truth.

I’ll cover music, movies, and anything else I come up with, so sit back, and enjoy the show!